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Most dentists get into dentistry out of a genuine desire to help patients and out of a love for the work, not to deal with staff issues and toil over spreadsheets. But over time, the management responsibilities of running a practice can take their toll and reduce your passion for your craft. As a dental practice management consultant, our services are designed to increase your practice’s profitability and help your practice run more efficiently and autonomously.  We help take more of the management responsibility off of your shoulders so you can focus on your personal and professional passions.

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

Virginia Moore brings three decades of experience as a leading dental practice management consultant to all of our consulting engagements. She’s an ADA-KEMP educated practice consultant with genuine passion for helping dentists build balanced, profitable businesses and a track record of helping hundreds of practices get on track to success. With her expert dental coaching, you can rest assured that you’ll receive personalized, expert guidance every step of the way. 

About our process

The Essential 7 Method of Practice Growth

When progress is measured, progress is improved. The Essential 7 are seven numbers that impact every aspect of a dental practice’s financial health. Our dental practice consultants diagnose a practice’s health by measuring and improving the following:

  • A Doctor’s Personal Break-Even 
  • Gross & Adjusted Production
  • Collection Percentage
  • The Practice’s Break-Even
  • Treatment Acceptance Percentage
  • Unfilled Hours: Doctor & Hygiene
  • Net New Patients
We’ve used the Essential 7 to execute successful dental coaching strategies to improve the financial health of practices across the country. 

Hear Virginia Explain the Essential 7

Our founder, Virginia Moore, is an ADA-KEMP educated dental business consultant and one of the most respected dental industry consultants in the business. Hear her explain the Essential 7 to Randy Alvarez of Wellness Hour.

Dental Practice Consulting Packages

Are you looking to receive some specific recommendations about your practice from a respected dental business consultant but not ready to take the leap into a more involved working arrangement? We offer several remote practice management consulting options tailored to looking into certain areas of your business. They’re a great, low-commitment way to get started right away. Just purchase a package below and receive access to our top-notch phone and email consulting right away. 

The Essential 7: Evaluation and Recommendations

Get access to our Essential 7 information collection forms and receive a 1-hour phone conference where we’ll analyze your numbers
and dig into the metrics that matter to your practice. Find out how you’re doing…and how
you can improve. Receive feedback…quickly!

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Where Is Your Money Going? Profit and Loss Analysis

This analysis of your Profit and Loss
Statement will give you clear-cut answers on where your money is going. You’ll receive
recommendations for changes that will
be of most value to you.

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Need More New Patients? Marketing Evaluation

An evaluation of your current marketing
methods and tracking to determine their effectiveness. Find out if, and how well,
your marketing dollars are paying off.
Learn why your marketing may not be

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Making the Best Hire. The Indispensable Guide For Hiring Employees

Discern who is the best candidate for the
job. Get a proven system to streamline
hiring. Save time, money and angst.
Includes sample ads, telephone screening, questions to ask, time-saving approaches
for interviews, and more.

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My Chairs Are Full, Why Isn’t My Checkbook? Productivity Analysis

An analysis of specific reports and
recommendations to make sure that you are
not just “busy” and incurring the overhead
that comes along with that, but productive
and profitable. Learn how insurance plans
may be impacting your profitability Receive recommendations for enhancements
to your production.

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Next Generation Dental Scheduling

Stop letting patients dictate the rhythm of your day and start taking control of your scheduling and reaching your goals. Learn how to use Dynamic Dental Scheduling to improve your practice’s workflow and cashflow. 

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Practice Analysis Full-Service Consulting

Do you need on-site, open-ended or long-term guidance to help get or keep your practice on track? We offer full service consulting to
practices which might require some more involved expert guidance, need an extra
helping hand, or prefer to retain a consultant instead of hiring an additional full-time staff member to manage the practice.

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Dentistry Today Leader in Consulting

About Virginia

Bringing greater productivity and profitability to dental practices has been the laser focus of Virginia Moore’s consulting practice over the past 30 years.

As a graduate of the ADA KEMP (American Dental Association, Kellogg School Executive Management Program for Dentists), Virginia has positively impacted the business aspects of dental practices throughout the United States.

As a speaker, Virginia has been invited back for repeat engagements on the top dental meetings in the U.S. and has spoken at meetings in the Middle East and Asia.

Virginia holds membership in the National Speaker’s Association, and is a member and Past-President of Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

As an author, Virginia was invited by the ADA to be one of 10 leading dental experts to contribute to the 2014 publication, “The ADA Practical Guide to Expert Business Strategies”.  She is also the author of two essential training guides and co-author of 8 books on practice management, as well as a contributor to many dental publications. Virginia has shared her knowledge across a number of subjects that impact the success of dental practices.

Virginia co-founded with Debbie Castagna of Castagna Coaching, the well-respected The Practice Source and The Consulting U, companies dedicated to providing training for those interested in enhancing or developing their own dental practices and/or consulting skills.

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